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15 Minute Chicken and Rice Dinner

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Roni Cohen – @ronis_recipes
No meal can cook faster than this 15 minute chicken and rice dinner.
Prep Time :2 minutes
Cook Time :15 minutes
Total Time :17 minutes




Green beans:


  • Mix the chicken marinade ingredients in a bowl and rub the chicken pieces with it.
  • Place the rice ingredients at the bottom of the air fryer and stir.
  • On the second level, place the green beans in aluminum foil and add the chicken next to them. Close the top and set the “whole meal” program to 390°F (200°C) for 15 minutes.


15 Minute Chicken and Rice Dinner recipe
Credit: Roni Cohen

For this recipe, it’s recommended to use 1 cup of long grain rice. Long grain rice, such as basmati or jasmine, works well due to its distinct texture and flavor. The long grains stay separate when cooked, resulting in a fluffy and aromatic bed for the flavorful chicken and green beans. The choice of long grain rice complements the spices, including yellow curry powder and chili flakes, enhancing the overall experience of this delicious and well-balanced dish cooked in the air fryer.

Can I replace the sesame oil in this 15 minute chicken and rice dinner?

While sesame oil contributes a distinct nutty flavor to this 15 minute chicken and rice dinner, you can substitute it with a neutral oil like vegetable or canola oil if desired. This substitution won’t replicate the exact sesame undertones, but it ensures a milder taste, allowing the other flavors, such as the chicken marinade and spices, to shine.

What is the purpose of adding zest from ½ lime to the chicken?

Adding zest from half a lime to the chicken serves to infuse a burst of citrusy brightness and aromatic freshness into the dish. The lime zest contributes a zesty and slightly tangy flavor, enhancing the overall taste profile of the chicken marinade. This citrus element complements the sweetness of honey, the heat from chili flakes, and the warmth of yellow curry powder.

15 Minute Chicken and Rice Dinner recipe
Credit: Roni Cohen

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