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Addictive Sweet and Sour Raw Carrot Salad

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Opal Oren – @opalester_oren
An explosion of flavors: Vibrant, sweet, and tangy raw carrot salad, that can also be served as a side dish.
Prep Time :5 minutes
Refrigeration Time :2 hours
Total Time :2 hours 5 minutes
Servings: 4


Prepare a few hours in advance:


  • Combine all the ingredients In a medium-sized bowl. Mix well and refrigerate for an hour or two to allow the flavors to blend and the carrots to soften.


raw carrot salad recipe
Credit: Opal Oren

Can I use a different type of vinegar in this recipe?

Certainly, you can experiment with various vinegar types in this recipe to customize the flavor. While the original recipe calls for standard white vinegar, you can try alternatives like white wine vinegar for a milder taste or apple cider vinegar for a hint of fruity sweetness.

What dishes can I pair this raw carrot salad with?

This versatile carrot salad pairs wonderfully with a wide range of dishes. It can serve as a refreshing side dish alongside grilled meats, such as chicken, steak, or fish, adding a vibrant contrast to the savory flavors. Additionally, it makes an excellent topping for tacos, sandwiches, or wraps, enhancing their taste and texture. As a light and healthy option, this salad can also be enjoyed as a standalone appetizer or a quick snack. Its sweet and sour profile complements various cuisines, making it a delightful addition to Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, or even Asian-inspired meals.

raw carrot salad recipe
Credit: Opal Oren

Can I prepare this raw carrot salad in advance and store it in the refrigerator?

Absolutely, preparing this salad in advance is a great idea. In fact, it’s recommended to refrigerate it for at least an hour before serving, as this allows the flavors to meld and intensify. For even better results, you can make it a day ahead.

raw carrot salad recipe
Credit: Opal Oren

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