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Amazingly Airy and Velvety Nutella Cronuts

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Roni Cohen – @ronis_recipes
A tribute to Bastille Day with the irresistible charm of Nutella cronuts: a delectable fusion of croissant and donut, showcasing the profound influence of French culture and cuisine across the globe. Vive la France!
Prep Time :30 minutes
Cook Time :30 minutes
Total rising times: :16 hours
Total Time :17 hours
Servings: 32


  • Piping bag with a thin tip


  • Nutella
  • Oil for deep frying


  • 1⅓ cups/315 milliliters milk
  • 3 medium eggs
  • 2 tablespoons/10 grams dry yeast
  • 2.2 pounds/1 kilogram all-purpose flour
  • ¼ cup/50 grams sugar
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 3.5 ounces/100 grams butter, softened


Day 1:

  • In a mixer, combine the milk, eggs, dry yeast, flour, sugar, honey, and softened butter. Knead until a smooth dough forms. Leave the dough to rise for 30 minutes in a warm place, then transfer it to the refrigerator overnight to rest and rise further.

Day 2:

  • Divide it into 4 equal portions. Roll out each portion into a rectangle, trimming the edges to form a neat shape. Cut each rectangle into triangles to create the croissant shape. Roll each triangle from the base towards the tip to form a croissant shape. Place the croissants on small baking sheets greased with a little oil. Cover with a towel and let them rise for approximately 1 to 1.5 hours, or until doubled in size.
  • Heat oil in a deep frying pan or pot over medium heat. Carefully fry the risen croissants in batches for about 3 minutes, or until golden brown. Once fried, transfer the croissants to a paper towel-lined plate to drain excess oil. Fill each croissant with Nutella or your desired filling and sprinkle powdered sugar on top. Serve and enjoy!


Note: You can also bake the croissants in a preheated oven at 350°F (180°C) for 15-20 minutes instead of frying.


Nutella Cronuts recipe
Credit: Roni Cohen

What are cronuts?

Cronuts, a delightful pastry sensation, are a cross between a croissant and a donut. Created by Dominique Ansel in 2013, these flaky, layered treats have taken the culinary world by storm. Made by laminating croissant dough, frying it until golden and crispy, and then filling it with various sweet fillings, cronuts offer a unique textural experience. They boast a crispy exterior, reminiscent of a donut, while the interior is tender and buttery, similar to a croissant. From classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate to innovative combinations like Nutella and raspberry, cronuts have become a coveted indulgence for pastry lovers worldwide.

How to store Nutella cronuts

To store Nutella cronuts, it is best to consume them fresh on the day they are made. If you have leftovers, place them in an airtight container at room temperature. However, keep in mind that their texture and taste are at their peak when consumed freshly. Storing them for an extended period can cause them to lose their crispiness and become stale. To reheat, you can gently warm them in the oven for a few minutes or enjoy them at room temperature. Remember, Nutella cronuts are most enjoyable when savored soon after they are prepared.

Customize Nutella cronuts with other fillings or toppings

Customizing Nutella cronuts with various fillings and toppings allows for endless creative possibilities. Beyond the classic Nutella filling, you can explore different flavor combinations and textures to enhance the experience. Consider filling cronuts with fresh fruits like strawberries or raspberries for a burst of freshness, or try a dollop of whipped cream or pastry cream to add richness. For a touch of indulgence, drizzle caramel or chocolate sauce over the cronuts, or sprinkle them with crushed nuts or shredded coconut. Dusting powdered sugar or adding a glaze can also elevate their appearance and taste. Let your imagination run wild and experiment with your favorite flavors to create personalized Nutella cronut masterpieces.

Nutella Cronuts recipe
Credit: Roni Cohen

Are cronuts better than donuts?

Determining whether cronuts are better than donuts is subjective and depends on personal preference. Cronuts offer a unique combination of flaky croissant layers and donut-like characteristics, making them a distinct and indulgent treat. They provide a textural experience that differs from traditional donuts. However, some may argue that classic donuts have their own charm with their soft, pillowy texture and wide variety of flavors and toppings. Ultimately, it comes down to individual taste and the desired experience. Both cronuts and donuts have their own merits, and it’s up to each person to decide which they prefer based on their preferences and cravings.

Nutella Cronuts recipe
Credit: Roni Cohen

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